King of Mahjong
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Slide mahjong tiles around the stage to line up two tiles with the same symbols next to each other. Try to complete each level with the least amount of moves.

Click a tile and keep the mouse button pressed down then move to a direction so one of the arrows will light up green, release the mouse button to move the tile. The tile will not stop moving until it hits another tile or a wall.

If you move over a tile with the mouse you can see possible tiles under the selected tile. It is possible to match 3 tiles together but of course that keeps you stuck with one tile. There is an option to undo your move and also an option to remove a tile.
A classic mahjong variation with 30 different layouts and global high scores!
Mahjong Solitaire
A classic mahjong game with the well known turtle formation. No hints, no shuffling, no high scores, just play.
Connect mahjong tiles with lines that make no more than two corners in this game with very non traditional tiles.
Zig Zag
No nonsense mahjong with a so called turtle layout that has 144 tiles. Click the restart button when you're stuck, unfortunately this basic version has no hints.
Turtle Mahjong
King of Mahjong
Play the game Slidon and more mahjong games on King of Mahjong. There are a lot of varieties build with the classic board game as starting point. In a computer game the options are limitless and you won't have to clean up the stones after playing!
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