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Shumujong (also known as Digitz Mahjong) is a mahjong variation with numbers. Make sums of the tiles to reach the given value.

Clear the playing field by making the necessary sum of digits on the tiles. If you need to collect 10, you can do this by removing two tiles with the value 5 or a tile with the value 8 and one with the value 2 for example. Unlike regular mahjong, you can remove more than 2 tiles at once. So if you need to collect 10 you can also select a tile of 2, one of 3 and one of 5.
Unstack tower of mahjong tiles with unusual symbols in a game of 15 minutes. When there are no more moves left, a new tile set will be dealt. Most layouts are quite hard to solve.
Mahjongg Alchemy
Mahjong and dominoes mixed together in a game with a story. Find twelve artifacts as you solve mahjong puzzles in a unique way.
Shanghai Dynasty is a classic mahjong game that also features a kids mode with less tiles and easier layouts.
Shanghai Dynasty
Another version of the mahjong with it's tiles laid out as a fountain. The background shows a Japanese scene in a valley. This time it includes modern tiles and a music that's quite sad.
Mahjong: Valley in the Mountains
King of Mahjong
Play the game Shumujong and more mahjong games on King of Mahjong. There are a lot of varieties build with the classic board game as starting point. In a computer game the options are limitless and you won't have to clean up the stones after playing!
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Mahjongg Artifact 2
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